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Upcycle Your Content

Imagine you have 300+ White Papers and no one reads them. It’s time to use an Upcycle Framework.

  1. Pick your best-performing articles
  2. Ask the author (nicely) to voice-record the entire article
  3. Create a smooth Podcast with intros and music and publish it via an aggregator like Buzzsprout.
  4. Push the Podcast to Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google, to get started. There are many other platforms you can add later
  5. Voila! You just upcycled your existing content to a vast new audience universe
  6. But wait! There is more…You can easily crate actual videos from these audio recordings by adding graphics, transitions, B-Roll or even the video of the narrator.
  7. Add those video to your Youtube channel and cross-promote on social