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How a wildfire in Australia spurned a sustainability initiative

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QR Codes & Wildfires

As my team was finalizing deliverables for a tradeshow booth and collateral for a show in Sydney, Australia, wildfires around that area were causing massive damage. Hundreds of thousands of trees went up in flames. As a PR countermeasure, the event organizers immediately banned all printed collateral. That’s how Solace Cares, a digital, collateral-download program with an environmental twist was born.


I developed a fully integrated, touchless, digital-collateral download system that allowed booth visitors to scan a QR code and download their brochures of choice. In addition, I brokered a partnership with a non-profit organization called One Tree Planted. We pledged to donate $1 for each digital download in return for one new tree planted. And best of all, the trees were going to be planted in Australia.


The QR code vendor we chose allowed us to track downloads and integrate with our digital marketing campaigns which is a great advantage over printed collateral.


In the end we had hundreds of scans over a two-day period and the entire team was proud that Solace donated to the Australian reforestation projects. We then rolled out the Solace Cares sustainability initiative across events in the rest of APAC, North America and the EMEA region.

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