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Branding Interactive

Frameworks & Design Systems

I designed and developed this interactive Brand Playbook from the ground up. It was the culmination of having shepherded the Solace brand through two rebrands while the marketing team grew exponentially. There were more and more content contributors, even outside of marketing, tasked to develop assets, needing guidance on brand and creative direction.


Going above and beyond a standard style guide that only covers basic brand principles, this supercharged interactive brand playbook has everything one needs to produce spot-on brand assets that can be implemented quickly and at scale, including downloadable assets. And it’s a great marketing onboarding tool for new members. Since most of the content in brand books is confidential, it’s best to create a gate through user management and/or SSO sign-on.


Please reach out if you’re interested in developing your own interactive Brand Playbook Book or to schedule a demo.


Sample sections:

  • Company Brand
  • Visual Elements & Usage
  • Communications & Guides
  • Company Mascot
  • Developer Assets
  • Design Systems
  • Swag Resources
  • Audio/Visual Assets & Templates
  • Client

    Solace Corp

  • Tags

    Internal Communications, style guide