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Brand & Creative Services Audit

Let's activate your free Brand and Creative Services Audit and Report

Step 1.

Paperwork (not much)

A simple document outlining process, expectations, timeline and NDA.

Step 2.

Initial Meeting (The fun part)

We'll spend about an hour or so in a remote team meeting and go through a questionnaire that I will send a few days ahead of time. Of course, all information is treated strictly confidential.

Step 3.

Review (The hard part...on my end)

After the initial meeting, I'll review and analyze the content gathered, including brand assets and all other marketing materials currently being produced and in circulation. I'll review the operational setup and any of your questions or concerns you might have.

Step 4.

The Report (The juicy part)

In our second meeting, I'll present a report that covers my feedback and suggestions in regards to marketing, brand and creative services. All ideas and suggestions are yours to keep and free of charge. And hopefully this could be the beginning of a new relationship. I would be delighted to help supercharge your business.

Once you submit your info, I will reach out with any questions and will forward the paperwork right away. I’m looking forward to working with you.

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