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White Paper Design

Collateral is a direct extension of your company which lets your audience experience your brand first hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s print or digital, you only have one chance to make a first impression. In most cases, collateral like White Papers are a first building block of your customer’s journey. Since they are top of the funnel and used en masse to influence rankings and competitive SEO, they are often ‘cranked’ out in volume and at times neglected design-wise for that reason.


CMO Insights: A properly executed Design System on top of your Brand Guidelines can save a lot of time and back and forth when churning out marketing collateral for your funnel. It enables more than one team member to develop content without jeopardizing continuity. It acts as a blueprint and explains the various elements that can be used as building blocks. Ask me how I can help implement a Design System in your organization and increase efficiency and quality of your collateral machinery.


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