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How a Covid related event cancellation turned into an award winning virtual event

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Ready for Takeoff? – Award-Winning Virtual Event

What to do when a company meeting is canceled due to Covid-19?

Due to COVID-19, Solace canceled a highly anticipated company meeting set in Munich Germany. The event would have been a continuation of a yearly tradition, where hundreds of Solace team members from around the globe gather for a week of strategic planning and product road mapping while indulging in a variety of social and cultural activities. Like thousands of other companies and tradeshow organizations that were forced to cancel events, it became a race of time, technology and creativity to develop digital meeting solutions with maximum impact and as little ‘Zoom’ fatigue as possible. This one we pulled off in a mere 6 weeks!

The many challenges to deliver an alternate solution:

Destination: Create an alternate virtual event & destination to replace 5 Star hotel and event space in Munich, Germany


Experience: A blend of learning and social, having fun, interaction between participants, provide entertainment and cultural activities.


Technology: Create gated web destination with streaming and on-demand video content, virtual presentations and interactive communications and entertainment.


Security: Gated member area


Timeframe: 6 weeks


Time zones: APAC, Americas, EMEA

Solution & execution:

After a few late-night brainstorm sessions, I pitched a concept that involved creating a custom microsite, built around the event’s theme of ‘Elevate’. The goal was to create an immersive journey and social experience that would allow participants to learn, interact and socialize with each other, mimicking the feel of an in-person event. I also felt it was important to provide entertainment, games and light-hearted humor to enhance engagement in between sessions. The weeks leading up to the event were hectic, with long hours, including countless creative reviews and many technical challenges that had to be solved.

User Experience included:
  • Member signup/login section complete with custom boarding pass
  • Opening kickoff video
  • Guest speaker area
  • VOD case studies
  • Agenda with live links to sessions
  • Lounge with arcade games
  • Custom Spotify playlist, recipes for meals and drinks and much more
  • Swag registration with custom T-Shirt order

In the end, the company-wide virtual meeting was a huge success. Our team received overwhelmingly positive feedback and the web analytics only confirmed the accomplishments. The successful outcome of this event is a testament to the 14 hard-working, brilliant team members who contributed to it and all share in the win of the awards we received.

Web analytics over 4-day meeting
  • 7,252 Page views
  • 4,863 Unique page views
Muse Gold Winner | Hermes Award Platinum Winner
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