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Product Development

Baseball Capture & Livestream Platform

1989: “If you build it they will come.” (From the movie Field of Dreams)

2021: “If you stream it, they will watch.”

And indeed they watched. 1,400 hours total in just under 6 weeks.


In March of 2021, I was approached by the Board of Directors of the Mill Valley Little League and asked to help develop a system to live stream the upcoming season’s games. Very much like the rest of the 180,000 Little League Organizations around the US, the ongoing pandemic severely restricted audience attendance. The league felt compelled to offer a live stream alternative.


I subsequently began designing and testing this first-of-a-kind baseball live stream camera platform, together with members of the hardware and software team of GoPro.

Fastmetrics, a Bay Area-based internet service provider came on board as a sponsor and donated the wireless hardware, installation and internet service. The system which is tentatively titled GameCast, consists of a custom-designed baseball-proof housing for the GoPro Hero9 camera, a wireless mesh network across two fields and a distribution platform that allows live streaming on multiple platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and many more.


Live deployment during April – June Little League 2021 Season in Mill Valley, CA. Check out these amazing analytics from the two fixed-installed cameras.

  • Livestreamed 60+ games from two fields
  • 150+ Hours streamed
  • 4,200+ Live Views
  • 1,300 Unique Viewers
  • 1,400 Total hours watched (Live and on-demand)


The statistics and positive feedback speak volumes about how deeply players, coaches, parents and out-of-town family members and friends engaged with the GameCast platform. It exceeded everyone’s expectations and was proof enough to consider building a brand around the platform.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Little League Organisations rely heavily on local sponsors to help finance operations. GameCast opens up an entirely new ecosystem of sponsorship opportunities. Check out this sample clip which includes static sponsor graphics and video commercials during inning breaks.

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