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Nice people saying nice things about me and my mates

Banana Republic | From San Francisco, to New York to Tokyo!
Stefan and his team were exactly the kind of partner we needed to bring our vision to life during our annual Banana Republic Field Leadership Conference (FLC)! We approached Stefan with what we believed was a winning (if somewhat far fetched idea) for an opening video montage to kick our conference off in style. We threw lots of constraints (including timing and budget) and made some pretty big demands of Stefan and team read more...and they delivered. From San Francisco, to New York to Tokyo the team was there to support us with filming, editing, creative direction at every step (and we also had lots of fun working with them along the way)! We'd highly recommend Stefan and the Welter Creative team! We can't wait to find another opportunity to work together again!
Dan Leavitt

Director, Talent Management

Solace Corp. | Please say his name properly 😉
Stefan is a great character to work with. We worked together on several internal conference projects where we collaborated with a large team of event organisers. He contributed both creatively in planning and technically on the event with his audio visual expertise. He always shows versatility in the planning and brainstorming stages, and delivers a clear vision of the brand of the event, which are always linked with the main aims and objectives read more...of the project. I just wish people would start saying his name properly “Sht-Eh-Fahn” (emphasis on the ‘Eh’) 😉
Nigel Murphy

Global Events Manager at Solace Corp

Upland Software | A perfect blend of creativity, technical video knowledge and business savvy
Stefan and his team have been a great and valued partner to us at Upland. They bring a perfect blend of creativity, technical video knowledge and business savvy to delivering our messages via video. They were an integral part of our design team as we redeveloped all eight of our websites in rapid succession, and leaped to our aid to create an opening video for our recent customer conference. read more... I would highly recommend Stefan and his team for any video creation work and look forward to working with them again in the future.
Maysoon Al-Hasso

SVP Marketing - Upland Software

Solace Corp. | Brand revitalization
Stefan oversaw a total brand overhaul at Solace that completely revitalized our brand and made a huge impact on our growth as a company and our recognition in the industry. He's a talented and accomplished Creative Director who approaches every task with enthusiasm and professionalism. He's also an all-around great guy who is a pleasure to collaborate with. I highly recommend him for any Creative Director role.
David Charles

Senior Product Marketing Manager | Solace Corp.

Circulon | Never satisfied with status quo
From the start, Stefan and his team have been the ideal business partner for me and Meyer Corporation. His insight into consumer and trade videos across multiple platforms has been instrumental in helping Meyer maintain its exposure in the ever-changing digital business world. Stefan’s ideas, insights, solutions, and execution have been key read more... in helping me navigate across creative, production, distribution, analytics, and marketing for the culinary savvy video consumer. And Stefan has never been satisfied with the status quo. While currently working on one project, he’s always pitching me on the next project. Now thanks to him, Meyer’s websites are filled with fresh, entertaining video content thereby helping Meyer maintain its standing as a cookware industry leader.
Chris Woodward

Communications Manager

Solace Corp. | Always creative and energetic
I worked with Stefan for two years at Solace. As the leader of Creative Services, Stefan provided creative designs in a timely manner in support of my role as product marketer. Stefan was always collaborative, creative and energetic during our many joint projects. Stefan will make a great Creative Director and Brand Strategist for any organization.
Sandra Thomson

Product Marketing Director

Solace Corp. | Are you seeking a brand audit?
Are you at that consideration stage, perhaps looking to hire Stefan to handle the many moving parts to bring a critical company video to life? Or maybe you are seeking a brand audit? You're about to make a great choice. Stefan uniquely blends creative project management with an artist's eye — he even studied film and received read more...a fine arts degree from the acclaimed Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He is passionate about brand strategy, and he knows how every micro-touchpoint coalesces to shape the broader brand perception. Lastly, you will enjoy working with Stefan. He's a great listener who will understand your project's full scope, and he's not afraid to push back if he feels there's a better direction. I highly recommend Stefan for working on your next creative project.
Cameron Conaway

Director of Marketing Communications

Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center | Very Happy
I have hired Stefan and his production team to produce various videos for the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. Including videos with Virgin America CEO David Cush and Nasdaq Vice Chairman and a series of videos for our TED Livestream events. I am very happy with the videos Stefan has produced and would highly recommend him.
Jessica Richman

Senior Event Manager